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Sworn Translation and Interpreting Services

Hammamet Des Langues Vivantes is your trusted partner for sworn translation and interpreting services of exceptional quality.

Our commitment to linguistic excellence ensures that your communications transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, opening up new opportunities and broadening your horizons.

Sworn translations

Our sworn translators, certified by the relevant authorities, guarantee accuracy and full compliance with current legal standards. Whether you need contracts, notarial deeds, diplomas, birth certificates or other official documents, we’re here to meet your needs with professionalism and thoroughness.

Interpreting :

Our interpreting services are designed to facilitate seamless communication during meetings, conferences, negotiations or special events.

Our qualified interpreters are experts at instantly and accurately converting ideas from one language to another, ensuring that your message is understood with the same clarity and authenticity as in the original language.


Why chooseHLV?


Team of Professionals

Our translators and interpreters are qualified experts, specializing in various fields such as legal, medical, technical and commercial.



We understand the importance of confidentiality in managing your sensitive documents. Your information is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.


Reactivity and punctuality

We are committed to providing fast service without compromising quality. Deadlines are met, and your satisfaction is our priority.


Linguistic flexibility

Our team masters a wide range of languages, ensuring maximum adaptability to your specific needs.

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