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Computer literacy has become an essential part of modern society. Training at Hammamet Des Langues Vivantes aims to familiarize participants – children, young people and adults – with key IT concepts and develop practical skills.


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Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are qualified experts in their respective fields, offering high-quality teaching.


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Courses available every day of the week to suit your busy schedule.


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Take advantage of our interactive online courses to learn from anywhere in the world.


Custom Programs

Training programs tailored to your specific language objectives.

Introduction to IT
  1. History of IT
  • The evolution of computers and technologies.
  1. Hardware components
  • Understand the basic components of a computer.
  1. Operating Systems
  • Familiarity with Windows, macOS and Linux systems.
Practical use of the computer
  1. Office
  • Use word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.
  1. Web browsing
  • Secure web browsing, information search.
Programming concepts
  1. Introduction to Programming
  • Understand basic concepts (variables, loops, conditions).
  1. Visual Programming Languages
  • Scratch for kids: a fun introduction to programming.
  • Python for adults: a first approach to text-based programming.
IT Security
  1. Privacy Policy
  • Best practices for protecting your information online.
  1. Online Security
  • Raising awareness of Internet risks and best practices.
Introduction to Robotics (Optional)
  1. Robotics Basics
  • Discover programmable robots.
  1. Practical Projects
  • Design and program small robots.

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