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Our Educational Language Camps for Unforgettable Holidays

The school vacations are fast approaching, and at Hammamet Des Langues Vivantes we’ve prepared an exciting educational adventure for your children!

Immerse yourself in the world of languages with our exceptional language stays, designed to stimulate curiosity, learning and fun.


Why choose HLV?


Immersive Cultural Exploration

Our stays don’t just teach a new language, they offer complete immersion in an authentic culture.

Imagine your children exploring bustling markets, sampling local specialties and bonding with international friends.


Innovative Educational Workshops

Traditional classrooms give way to innovative workshops where learning takes place through play, creative projects and group interaction.

Your children will develop solid language skills while having fun.


Accelerated Linguistic Mastery

Total immersion in the target language speeds up the learning process. Our qualified teachers guide participants through activities adapted to their level, helping them to master the language quickly.


Cultural Excursions and Adventures

Every day brings a new adventure, whether it’s a historical excursion, a day at the beach to practice the language in a relaxed setting, or an evening of storytelling around an international campfire.


First-rate framing

Your children’s safety is our priority. Our dedicated and experienced teams ensure that every participant is carefully looked after, guaranteeing a carefree vacation for parents.

A strategic location for every occasion

Whether you’re planning to take an ECL exam or simply enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation, our strategic location is second to none. If you’re away from home to take the exam, look no further. Our accommodations offer you the comfort and convenience to focus on your success.

And for those looking to combine learning with a summer vacation, our central location puts you close to local attractions, quaint restaurants and sandy beaches.

Give your children more than just an ordinary vacation. Book now for an immersive educational experience that will leave lasting memories and open up new linguistic perspectives.

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