Revision for the baccalaureate

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Revision for the baccalaureate

To guarantee your success
the HLV Hammamet Modern Languages Training Center offers computer and language editing sessions
Languages: French, German, English, Spanish, Italian
Computers: PASCAL, DBMS, EXCEL FRONTPAGE … for all sections

Our team of teachers can help students of any level in their revisions.
These courses can be done in different ways (individually or in groups)
and are adaptable to the levels and needs of the student.

Tel: 55 809 139 or 72 260 718
Address: Rue Khemaies Triki N ° 13 (Jabli) – 8050 Hammamet

We invite you to fill out the form.
N.B. Sheet to be filled carefully by the student. Free and without obligation

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