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Hammamet is no longer in need of eulogy. It is no doubt the most famed site of the whole of Tunisia, indeed the entire North Africa.

The city tightly hugs its golden beaches, basking in the sun, under a perfectly azure sky. The foam-crested waves constantly lap at the base of its ancient fort, which goes as far back as XVth century. The fort is no less than an ar-chitectural rhetoric with its vaulted long and winding alleys, its corridors and its square-shaped courts that allow you to feast your eyes on a divine panorama, the golf of Hammamet and to the east and west, the entire pastel woad of gardens and fruit orchards…

« Holiday & Study », (name of our Web site) is a har-monious joint concept, combining holiday and study, relaxation and knowledge, sightseeing and culture…

Dear guest:

If you love the beautiful white sandy beaches,

If you are keen on learning a language while having fun,

If you thrive on discovering new exciting cultural and tourist sites,

and if ……….. and if ……… , HLV is going to indulge you, with this adequate combination, and welcome you warmly.

HLV enables you to benefit from a linguistic stay and to take an intensive learning course in the following languages:

  • Literary Arabic (all levels)
  • Tunisian dialect (beginners and advanced)
  • French (all levels)

You can choose one of the following:

  • Ordinary course within a group (5 to 12 students)
  • À la carte intensive course (1 to 4 students)

Note that, in Tunisia, people regularly speak Arabic and French.

You shall also be able to:

  • lodge in our apartments while following a linguistic stay. You can take courses in the following languages:
  • Arabic – French – English – German – Italian – Russie – Spanish – Chinese
  • Enhance your résumé with acknowledged certificates.

If you wish to learn about our beautiful country, our traditions and our civilization, you are more than welcome to take part in the cultural outings we regularly organise.

Who’s to benefit?

Wherever and whoever you are, be you manager, assistant manager, hotelier, travel agent, executive, student or other, eager to learn a new language and avid for novelty.

  • For parents and schools hoping to see their cherubim display a keen interest in foreign languages, why not offer them a linguistic stay in Tunisia? These courses are destined for 12-to-18-year olds.

Learning a language in the morning and going on an excursion or a hike in the afternoon is good fun. On arrival, the youngsters will be taken care of, given rooms in our brand new apartments, which are annexed to

We invite you to fill out the form.
N.B. Sheet to be filled carefully by the student. Free and without obligation

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